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WWE Raw Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for January 1

Trae Young has gained Pounds in Offseason and plans to work on his midrange game with Kobe in August - Bleacher Report bleacherreport. Raw bleacher report can probably use a combination of new muscle and raw bleacher report that optimizes energy, strength and mass in his play. Who are potentially still growing a few centimeters here and there which can add weight just because there's more person there. I think having access to world class nutritionists and personal trainers has got to help things along too, raw bleacher report.

It's insane how much raw bleacher report can raw bleacher report cut up and gain when you have a good diet and are lifting hard. My roommate eats so much chicken breast. And I say this as someone who rotates between a small amount of very healthy meals every week. But damn, at least I have different options! Its doable for a skinny guy but probably a lot harder for a skinny professional athlete. He probably burns more calories in practice than most of us burn in a week.

Raw bleacher report how much he would have to eat just to maintain weight let alone gain some. Also very likely some of it is water weight. You balloon up if you're a skinny person just starting to eat more. Started eating protein last year? You think eating protein works like a K? You're just stashing it away until raw bleacher report need to pull it out someday down the road? Why would anyone be upset to discover their favorite athlete takes steroids?

It's their body, raw bleacher report, and they do it because they have to. In fairness they're probably not actually on steroids, there are way better and less problematic drugs now that can provide better results.

Lebron and Dwade definitely juiced like crazy with at least some PEDs, I seriously doubt dirk or steph curry, raw bleacher report, or someone like lamarcus aldridge do though. Steroids are not only about adding muscle, they are mainly used for recovery.

This enables athletes to both train and perform without slowing down. All professional athletes raw bleacher report, they only have the very short offseason to do body recomposition before their grueling seasons start especially NBA at 82 games, and thats assuming no post-season. I'm a complete newbie when it comes to body building in athletics but isn't that like illegal? I'm gonna assume in not getting whooshed by a joke right now, raw bleacher report, but I can give you a real answer if you actually want.

The tests for detecting steroids in professional athletics are a joke. From a chemistry perspective it is incredibly easy to create a new PED that is undetectable by current tests, as the tests are always lagging behind and created in response to test the new hotness of PED's. Outside of testing itself, professional athletics are a business first and foremost. It is absolutely not in the leagues best interest NBA or otherwise to test for steroids. What do they gain by suspending a superstar for a few games?

Thats why people only get popped when they're being obnoxious about it. On the flip side, look at how many people supported Julian Edelman when he got caught taking steroids, raw bleacher report. We as fans ask a lot from these athletes, and he was taking HGH for recovery after he destroyed his leg.

We wouldn't have seen him last season and the Pats definitely would not have won another Superbowl. Without him taking HGH, he would have been out for the season. Sorry for the long response, if anyone else is interested about this they can DM me. As someone who has been personal training for years and a former competitive athlete I just like talking about and dispelling the myths behind raw bleacher report use in raw bleacher report athletes so people have a healthier understanding of what is achievable naturally.

I kinda understand the Olympics being raw bleacher report, in theory, just because the reward has more to do with personal pride. So they ought to be more strict about steroids. But I'm sure in reality they all use steroids too :. Olympic sports and lots of other sports around the world have independent testing through WADA, raw bleacher report. None of the American professional sports do this that I know of.

Under WADA there is random in and out of competition testing and if you get popped it's a 4 year ban, that's the last thing the pro sports want. They want their star players playing.

While raw bleacher report of what he said is true, anyone who thinks that protein powder is a crucial aspect of building muscle is a fucking idiot.

Plenty of IFBB pro bodybuilders. They eat food. As if he was deficient his entire life and just recently uncovered the magic macronutrient that makes you jacked if you consume a certain amount of it. Well, I didn't read it that way. And if a dude who is a professional athlete has been skinny his whole life and suddenly adds a lot of protein, he probably would gain a significant amount of muscle. Nobody anywhere has said Trae Young is suddenly jacked, we're just speculating about his raw bleacher report lb weight gain.

He was tested at 5. SGA coming in at a cool 3. Thats what i'm thinking. They often need to gorge on carbs, raw bleacher report, electrolytes and water afterwards as soon as they come off the stage. You never hear these reports about NBA players who are already overweight. What are even midrange buffets? Tomorrows headline: Trae Young has lost 12 pounds after a massive shit. Turns out supposed weight gain was the raw bleacher report effect of a particularly heavy Taco Tuesday. Stay tuned for our next story on Stalin LeBron being an evil human by supporting his daughter at dance class and being excited for her.

I do wonder. Does Mamba mentality translates to destroying all possible oposition or trying to make them good so you face better rivals?

Does he sabotages the Hawks for the sake of an easier future for the lakers or make them better so the lakers rise to the occasion? JOkes aside, here, raw bleacher report. Funnily enough, this is one of the things as he grew older and matured that he regretted the most, actually, in his own way.

Not allowing to sleep himself more raw bleacher report relax to reboot the perspective. Also Kuzma just started jacking up shots after working out with Kobe and lost the great pacing he had in his first season.

Kuzma has been jacking up shots since Summer Leagueonly difference last season was his raw bleacher report point shot wasn't falling. I don't really have an issue with it, because most of the shots he jacks up are solid since he works so hard off ball to get open, good positioning, or a mismatch. If he gets his 3 ball back, he's going to have a terrific season. Remember when Ben Simmons put on 22lbs of mass in 4 months or something like that.

From the end of the NCAA season to draft night, raw bleacher report. Nah it was close to it. This is a photo of him at a workout. Excited to see Trae take another leap this year.

Nobody expected him to be as good as he was last year, at least in his first season. I doupt this is possible. Jumping from one of the leagues worst defenders to just bellow average is a huge leap.

Don't let the perspective of watching him surrounded by giants fool you, Trae young is a big, muscular motherfucker. That's not entirely true. There was one game where Dahntay Jones, who was playing for the Hawks, intentionally undercut Kobe on a jumper, raw bleacher report. This is my chance to get back at Dahntay Jones". If raw bleacher report think Kobe just ruins players. Thought his taking long shots was inconsistent and selfish, raw bleacher report.

Thought he was over hyped because of his range. Every time he speaks he talks about how he just wants to get better. Over his first year he just kept getting better. It never seems like enough. Kobe thing aside Trae has huge upside in this league. Jokes aside, a little muscle on Trae could do a lot to benefit his game.

Being a killer finisher there does wonders. Devil's advocate: having a good mid range game will open up his 3s and layups but who cares it's the off-season.

I have also gained pounds in off-season and plan to work on my game in a Kobe steakhouse in August. Getting a mid range shot might do him good. I average double digit blocks against the Hawks because of him in 2k. He has good potential, but the Hawks will need a playmaking 2guard or Point Forward to maximise the teams potential as a hole.

I always laugh at these quotes about guy tacking on insane mass in the three months since the regular season ended. Yeah, these guys are world-class athletes, but 12 to 16 lbs of lean mass for a guy who was reported as weighing last season is absurd.


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raw bleacher report


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