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Sep 08,  · Exciting, interesting articles written with kids in mind. Current news with photos to help you see it and the background you need to understand it. Sep 08,  · Teaching Kids News posts weekly news articles, written by professional journalists. It’s free to read and use in the classroom. Please also use TKN’s Search feature to search the more than 1, articles in our archives. ‘The Story Behind the Story” — now on Soundcloud. Kids News - Science Articles. Russia Sends Its First Robotic Astronaut To The ISS. Russia's Soyuz spacecraft, which has been ferrying all astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS) since NASA retired the space shuttle in , typically carries a crew of three. However, the MS capsule that blasted off from a Russian.

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A program in Myanmar called LessWalk has found a creative way to provide free bikes to students who travel a long way on foot every day to get to school. Last week, a French court decided that a rooster named Maurice is allowed to crow when he wants. The case may seem silly, but it points out a growing conflict between groups of people in France.

It has become very easy for people to use computer programs to make fake videos that seem real. Many people are very worried about how these tools might be misused. On Monday, British Airways cancelled almost all of its flights for two days as the result of a strike by a large group of its pilots.

The strike affected the travel plans of close topeople. Fire fighters on Australia's east coast are struggling to get several large bushfires under control. Over fires are burning, and the dry, windy conditions have made them extremely difficult to contain. In news articles for kids news roundup, the Bahamas struggles to recover from Hurricane Dorian, Boris Johnson suffers several defeats, a school takes Harry Potter off its shelves because of its "actual" spells, and a man buys the "most expensive beer in history".

In today's news roundup, Bangladesh moves to limit cell service for Rohingya people, Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe died, news articles for kids, a student learning to fly makes an emergency landing, and the pope gets stuck in an elevator.

But he's left one idea open - giant eels. Electric scooter sharing, which once looked like it would completely change traffic in large cities around the world, is turning out to create just about as many problems as it solves.

Hurricane Dorian pounded the island nation of The Bahamas for nearly two days, news articles for kids, causing serious damage. Yesterday, the hurricane's strength lowered slightly, and it finally moved on, heading toward the United States.

Huge numbers of people in Hong Kong have been protesting for three months. At first, the protests were about a single planned law. Now they are about the way police treat protesters, voting rights, and control of Hong Kong's government. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. These cookies fall in two categories: Necessary and Not strictly necessary. Necessary cookies are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the basic news articles for kids of the website.

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Science articles for students. К teaching resources for educators. Open access free peer-reviewed scientific journal. Sep 08,  · Exciting, interesting articles written with kids in mind. Current news with photos to help you see it and the background you need to understand it. TimeForKids | Home.